Packaging for cosmetic industry

Cosmetic industry is the fastest growing industry last years.

Skin and hair care cosmetics are the biggest group among others. The second position belong to
coloured cosmetics. Next there are specialized products for oral hygiene, deodorants and epilators.

Market faces a dynamic demand increase in men’s cosmetics, which reflects into production volume of this product range. Among colour cosmetics, the most popular are foundations, masks and nail varnishes/polishes.

Cosmetics composition are still verified by consumer’s awareness. This way the demand for good products in reasonable prices is created.

Different distribution channels – hypermarkets, drugstores or internet sales require the unique and diverse packaging. Cosmetic producers are obliged to present special offers and promotions due to big competition on the market.

Packaging for cosmetic industry – where do they go to?

Cosmetic packaging attracts endusers, drugstores and local shops. Production and cosmetics sales are fields where business success depends on innovative raw materials, sensory features, efficient production process and proper materials in use. These factors put an impact on the product’s price and safe transportation.
These can assure a stability of the basic product features during logistic process.

This certain point lead us to understanding of how important is optimisation of size or shape stability for bulk-packaging. Thanks to this hypermarkets and retail could improve the packaging process (packing and unpacking).

Due to big experience in this sector we can perfectly recognize customer’s needs and we can find the best packaging solution.