The future of corrugated board – how it will be seen?

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    The future of corrugated board – how it will be seen?

    Sortownia paczek. Przyszłość tektury falistej - w jakich jawi się kolorach

    The time when people were buying products in-store is irrecoverably gone. In the era of digitalization and the fast development of e-commerce, one has to accept that most purchases will take place online. Furthermore, the customers’ requirements are rising – they pay more attention to materials in which the product is packed. Consumers ask important questions –  Is the packaging eco-friendly? From this context, the future of corrugated boards seems bright, but is it certain?

    From what does the future of the corrugated board depend?

    The packaging material which is characterized by elasticity concerning the adaptation to the always-changing market is the corrugated board. Due to modern digital devices, one can custom packaging to become an excellent marketing tool, which helps sell products and make a brand image stronger.

    Packaging matching to products

    As far back, it is not a grey, boring and anonymous box in which sellers are sending their goods. Now, even the smallest products you can get in the fully custom box from a corrugated board. Printed from the outside and inside as well is becoming an important message from sellers to customers. Because of now, it is possible to reprint even small stock of packaging without any loss for a company responsible for producing packaging. It is a great opportunity for niche sellers.

    The first impression

    This is something that you can not repeat, so you should wisely consider each marketing activity. Due to this, the first impression that you make on the new consumers will make them loyal customers. The first moment counts when your client starts to unpack the packaging from you. Suppose they put effort into it because the box is packed with a significant amount of packaging tape. In that case, you will not get any positive feedback. The future of corrugated board does not look like this. There is no place for unnecessary waste, which is not up to date with ecological trends.

    You will get much more if you take care of positive consumers’ experience and use of free space in each e-commerce packaging. It is important not to forget that consumers pay attention to high-quality packaging and aesthetic design.

    New logistics solutions

    The future of corrugated board seems bright because of consumers and sellers who come up with new solutions. The high quality of cardboard is currently not something unusual. Now it should be more and more ecological. It means that it is not enough to be 100% biodegradable, but it is important how long it degrades. The cardboard’s production source and how much water was used in the production process is very meaningful.

    Otherwise, it is best if the packaging can be used for the return of the ordered product. The additional duct tape is not only a practical solution. It is also a message for the customer that their enjoyment of purchase is important to you.

    Worldwide, cardboard packaging should not only protect products during transport and storage. It is recommended that they should also help with logistics solutions. Pay attention to the packaging’s printing and the best use of the free space inside them.

    Usage of ecological packaging is not everything

    You should be ECO at every stage of the production process. The corrugated board is obviously ecological, but it is not the only element consumers pay attention to. They are interested in whether the production and source of raw materials are ecological. Ecological cultivation and biodegradable inks slowly become a standard. Supposedly you want your company to still be on the market in several years. In that case, you should do everything that you can today to be eco-friendly and fulfil your consumers’ requirements.

    As you can see, the future of corrugated board is very bright. This is great because this raw material gives significant opportunities. This is certainly not the end of innovations and improvements of such a basic product – cardboard packaging. Maybe you will come up with a pioneering idea, which will become a new trend?


    Translation to English: Wiktoria Strozik